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Marketing & Promo

Marketing & Promotion:

People read what interests them. We have strategies for getting them interested. To get the reach and generate the interest we started this project by partnering with CreativeCore Media, a Marketing Communications Agency outside of Chicago with experience in publishing, speaker and presenter promotion, product development (and launch), media production, and strategic web marketing and ecommerce.  CreativeCore is on board from day one to help bring this book into reality. Then they will be in charge of publicizing the book and helping to make all of our contributing authors well known in the world of wellness.

The plan includes promotion to independent book sellers, Amazon, and through trades magazines for Human Resource, Training Directors, CEO’s, and General Managers. Media in the form of podcast interviews with selected contributing authors posted on iTunes and other internet cataloging services. Certainly you’ll be able to link the podcasts to your web site as well.

Web promotion will be a big focus. Beginning with the book web site where already traffic is finding us by searching on words in our table of contents. By the time the book hits the street we’ll have had thousands of potential book buyers who have visited the site. 

Links of each contributor will be included on the book site and bring leads back to you increasing your ranking on the internet for your services and products. 

We will also provide you with a promotion package including a strategy for local and regional promotion in your area. How to make the most of your book with clients, associates, community, association members and potential clients.  The packet will include many other ideas for leveraging yourself and your business with the book.

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