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  What they are saying....

From time to time you admire an accessory that someone else is wearing and you ask- "Where did you get that awesome garment?" Earlier this spring, True Value associates and I had a dinner date with Sandra. Her euphoria lit up the room. Not one of us in her company wanted to close the eve. I was at place in my life where I longed for that kind of happiness and needed to do some self exploring. Sandra has kept me focused on my goals and has been a true inspiration to me!” October 12, 2007

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Jennifer Sandness, Sr. Retail System Support at True Value Corporation  

“As a marketing management strategist, I work with a number of clients to develop powerful strategies for their practices. Sandra Larkin is a stand out performer when it comes to knowing her business and content. Her professionalism shines through her ability to be flexible while holding true to her values. She is a delight to work with and, having seen her present a number of times, a top notch trainer and presenter. Always engaging and involving, Sandra inspires us to work all the harder on her behalf. We can recommend her without hesitation or reservation. Get your business well and keep it that way, call Sandra!” July 3, 2007

Bob Sandidge, Media & Marketing Guru, CreativeCore | SpectralHost

“Sandra is very detail minded and gets very in-depth with her client to learn as much about her client, their business and about her client's industry. Not only did she approach our project with a with her knowledge of business skills and remedies, but asked thoughtful questions to gain more information from me to get a better insight to MY business and to recommend additional strategies for building my business and taking it to the next level. She has a great ability to clear away the clutter and get her client focused. Her package was very clear with a workable time table that allowed for some flexibility. She did not just take my business and stick it in a basic model. She created a model for MY business. I value Sandra and her work. She is a person of great character and integrity. She embodies professionalism and is a joy to work with. She took a lot of "work" and "headache" out of the process and made it very enjoyable and our meetings something to look forward to. I highly recommend Sandra for anyone with a new or existing business, no matter how unique your service or how niche your market. Additionally, Sandra's assistance is great for anyone with a business plan already in place, but just needs to get refocused or revitalized! I also believe that Sandra's corporate wellness concept is revolutionary and much needed in todays business world. I applaud any business manager who is caring enough to provide a healthy working environment for his/her employees.” June 29, 2007

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Lora Cantele, President, Enhancements Aromatherapy

“Sandra is very focused on delivering value and fosters long-term relationships with her clients. She takes a genuine interest in her client's employees, their health, wellness and overall performance. Her advanced approach is refreshing and effective with companies that value their employees as the most important asset. Highly recommend Sandra!” June 7, 2007

Robert Lambert, Founding Partner, Samurai Business Group® LLC

“Sandra Larkin is an extraordinary person who has dedicated her life and career to helping organizations and individuals with innovative Wellness and Life Solutions. Sandra’s revolutionary  “whole person” Wellness Strategies are at the forefront of the market in assisting organizations undertake complicated Wellness issues they face today. In an era when organizations and employees need leadership, Sandra’s Wellness programs provide answers and implementation programs to compete in the current business landscape.

“On a personal level, I have been most fortunate to have worked alongside her during her creative Wellness journey.  Sandra is truly a visionary regarding Wellness and Whole Person issues. She has been instrumental in the growth of my own benefits advisory firm offering customized wellness strategies. The more organizations and consumers know about Sandra’s Wellness vision, the better off all of us are on a personal and professional level.”

                       Stephen Gadomski, CEO
                     VantagePoint Benefits Advisors, Inc.

“I hired Sandy to assist me with my weakness of "leadership" when I took on a new role at work and with the Toastmasters International organization. Sandy helped me break through my 'road blocks' and I was able to achieve great success in my new leadership roles. Thanks to Sandy, I performed well in my new roles and we finished in 2 months instead of the 3 months allotted! I recommend Sandra Larkin for any business looking to achieve higher standards, integrity, responsibility and leadership from its employees. I also recommend Sandra Larkin for a one-on-one coaching relationship!

Top qualities: Good Value, High Integrity, Creative

Terri Williams, Crystal Clear Toastmasters (2006-2007) Executive Assistant to Nick's Pizza & Pub

“It has been both a pleasure and honor to know Sandra Larkin over the past few years. Sandra has traits (integrity and respect) that I hold in high regard, and it is my pleasure to recommend Sandra Larkin.” May 4, 2007

Neil Parker, President, CSS

“Sandra Larkin has the talent, training and experience to help any organization exceed their goals. She is a consummate professional with exceptional expertise as a trainer and speaker. Sandra continually seeks education to maintain her cutting edge focus for her clients in the marketplace. She is a top notch trainer and speaker offering her clients tangible results. I have served on 2 executive boards with Sandra over the past couple of years and have seen her in action. She is client focused, inspirational and can make lasting change to any organization looking to take their team to the next level.” April 27, 2007

Kathy Hardtke , President, BNI Power Networkers

“Sandra is a gifted individual with her interpersonnel skill set and tremendous business insight. Her Innovative Wellness vision is ahead of the curve and any of us who learn more about it will want to spread her message. She is someone you want to have on your "special" team of advisors for your business and personal lives.” April 27, 2007

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Steve Gadomski, CEO Vantage Point Benefit Advisors


 “Working with Sandra while I was consulting for True Value Company was a great pleasure. She is a detail-orientated person that is driving to succeed in everything she does. Sandra has a keen eye for detail, nothing escapes her sight. It is because of her keen eye that she was able to successfully lead a high visibility software development project that while at True Value. Sandra is not only a great person to work with, but also a great person in life. I value her friendship and routinely turn to her for advice. With her can do attitude and her will to succeed, there is nothing she cannot accomplish once she puts her mind to it.” June 7, 2007

Derik Whittaker, Senior Consultant, InterSoft Corporation

“I worked with Sandy on a number of projects at True Value Company. She is an outstanding project manager. When she puts her mind to a task, her goal is nothing less than success. Among team members, she keeps each team member informed of the key operations of the other team members while keeping the project on track. One thing I admire about her: She cares deeply about the people she works with.” June 6, 2007

Will Husa, Documentation Writer, True Value Company




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