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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.  What is the theme of the book?

      A. The theme centers around a healthy wellness approach to the body and mind dealing with holistic and health care measures.

If you are a health care or holistic provider as well as a corporate trainer or professional coach, you are in the right place. 

Q.  What's the difference between being a contributing author of a book instead of writing for a pamphlet or newsletter?

      A. Co-authoring in a book gives you the status of authorship in a nationally promoted book.

When people buy a book it becomes an investment is often passed on to multiple readers.  Books are a long term investment that reach far beyond where we are today.  Pamphlets and newsletters are “one shot reads” and, while they can be useful, don’t have the through time reach of a book.

Q. What’s the advantage of being a contributing author?

      A. Contributing authors present multiple perspectives on a topic and bring unique “voices” to the reader.  Unless you’re a celebrity or an already budding author, it’s hard to “get noticed” in your respective industry.  We all have valuable skills, experiences and advice to give to the global community.  Being a contributing author extends the reach of your message as it is promoted by all of the other contributors.  This is a dynamic way to make a difference in others as well as yourself.  

Advantage #1
PROMOTION:  With a small investment, you will have the opportunity to be an author in a published book.  Authorship and collaboration with other industry professionals boosts your “brand” and credibility with your clients and prospects.

PLUS, all other contributing authors are promoting the book that YOU’RE IN!

BECOME THE EXPERT:  You are building your expertise every day. A book showcases your expertise in a very tangible form. 

Advantage #3 PROFIT/RESELL:  You can resell the book for a profit to  clients, prospects, and the public.  Having a book helps you book speaking engagements and training/consulting sessions. Add to your other products to sell on your web site and back of the room when you speak.

Advantage #4
ASSOCIATION:  Perhaps you’ve seen well known published authors participate as contributing authors in books related to their field.  Why?  For the same reasons …promotion and even MORE exposure.  We are inviting several well known authors to participate with us in this book. Certainly these authors will draw additional attention to the issue of wellness in the workplace and to our book and your chapter.

Advantage #5
BEST MARKETING:  A book is a great marketing vehicle for you and your practice. Many authors write books for the expressed purpose of marketing. They are not looking at what they can make from book sales but, rather, the credibility and bookings they gain by using the book as a “calling card” or a credential.

Q. How much does it cost to be a contributing author?

      A. Not a thing. But it does take a bit of work on your part. You need to submit a relevant chapter. It must be selected by our editorial review group. You need to give Yellow Duck use authorization for both print and web site publishing.

      You will contribute one chapter, a photo and short bio including email address and web page (a.k.a.  MORE LONG TERM EXPOSURE) which will be published with other wellness authors.  Your information will be included on the book web site as well.

You will be able to buy books at wholesale to distribute or sell when the book is
hot off the press.  Pure profit. You will also have the advantage of reordering the book at special author pricing to resell it to your clients and customers. 

Q. Why not write my own book?

      A.   You could write your own book (and perhaps have). Writing, publishing and promoting a book costs thousand of dollars.  It also take a lot of time to write a book.  Most of us need an editor to help us shape the style and coherence of our message - an expense for a number of months. Typing, reading and re-formatting. You’ll need a designer to create your cover, select fonts, and layout the book. Don’t forget to get an ISBN# so you’ll be listed in all the book buyers and library computers.  Co-authoring gives you an efficient and cost effective way to publish now!

Q. How can this book create additional income for me?

A. By offering the book for sale as in speaking engagements, customers, clients or inner office, you can promote yourself.  If you have a website, the book can create passive income as thousands of internet travelers hit your site and have the potential to buy.

Q. I’m not sure if this is right for me.  What’s next?

A. Please use contact us to speak directly to Sandra Larkin concerning the details of being a contributing author.  She will be happy to discuss your questions, concerns including financial challenges you may have but want or need to be published.  




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